Julian Wildgruber

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We developed an interactive online communication strategy involving the makers and protagonists of the campaign and Hogan Lovells staff to engage in a debate around Citizenship. The aim was to make the importance of Citizenship better known in Continental Europe by demonstrating its value for both beneficiaries and HL employees.

We produced a film series using emotional storytelling in a “documercial” format merging commercial and documentary elements to showcase Citizenship at Hogan Lovells. Specifically designed questioning techniques guided the film’s protagonists to consciously reflect on their experience. The films allow others to take advantage of this learning process.

Hogan Lovells „NiceToEatYou“ – Episode #1
Hogan Lovells „LegalClinic“ – Episode #2
Hogan Lovells „Joblinge“ – Episode #3
Hogan Lovells „WorldHeritage“ – Episode #4

The campaign culminated in several live events. Based on a creative concept, we staged a launch event that touched and actively engaged participants. The film protagonists took part in the event to meet HL employees, to celebrate Citizenship, share learnings, and discuss about responsibility and social engagement.

At the heart of our campaign was the production of our Citizenship film series: for several months we followed four colleagues from Madrid, Paris, Munich and Moscow diving into their personal encounters, experiences and learnings around social engagement. The short films encourage one’s own reflection on Citizenship and its real value, following questions like: What is your own perception of social engagement? What does it bring to your professional and personal life? Why is it relevant for our firm and our clients? 8 Behind the Scenes stories were published in a closed internal social media group that was set up on LinkedIn to actively engage colleagues in the discussion. More than 300 colleagues joined the group and got involved in the discussion with comments, likes and posts.